Make money with your Google Documents.

Linksell provides you with an easy way to sell access to Google Docs, Spreadsheets and Slides. You just tell us how much you want to charge and we take care of payments and giving your customers instant access to your document.

Start selling

Ready to collect payments in a minute

Create a beautiful storefront within minutes and send it to potential buyers.

Buyers get automatically added to your document

Once someone paid for your document we’ll give him/her read and comment access to your document.

Protection for seller & buyer

We created a human readable rules to protect both buyer and seller. Read them here

Transparent and fair pricing

We take 5% per sold item next to the stripe fees. So on a 20$ document you make 18.50$

No lock-in

Your users will never lose access to your document even if you choose to leave our plattform.

Payout via PayPal

Easily get paid weekly via PayPal.