Rules of the game

For Buyers

We promise;
  • To only charge you if we can give you immediate access to the document
  • To let our sellers agree to always have a copy of the latest version available upon request to paying customers (that haven’t violated the rules).
You promise;
  • To not further distribute any of the content
  • To only download/print the content for personal use

The seller may decide to revoke your access at any time and without notice if he suspect that you have violated these terms.

For Sellers

  • You’re allowed to revoke access if you suspect abuse of your document
  • If you revoke access for any other reason, you will have to provide your customers with a PDF copy of the latest version before revoking.
  • LinkSell is not responsible for any changes in Google’s service that will interfere with our service.
  • To prevent abuse, we will store a copy of your document. We will only use this document in case of a violation with our terms.