Startup Experiment Design Guide

by Robbert van Geldrop - Firmhouse

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Get your early copy of the Startup Experimentation Design Guide! The guide covers Experimentation strategy and basics. You'll learn how to run experiments that give you the edge to proof your business can work.

The guide takes you from idea to experiments that yield actionable outcomes. We cover in-depth the phase of calibration which allows you to decided what to test.

As an early buyer you'll get the opportunity to provide feedback on the guide.

The first 100 customers will be named in the book and invited to an exclusive webinar. During the webinar, an additional deep dive on the topics in the book is given. The webinar will close with Q&A with the author.

Here's an outline of the guide:

  1. Introduction
  • Startup Against All Odds
  • There’s No Such Thing As A Restaurant Startup
  • Lean Startup Is No Warranty For Success
  • You Can’t Learn Kung-fu By Watching Bruce Lee Movies
  1. Why Startup?
  • The Purpose Of A Startup
  • Are You Already Starting Up?
  • Do You Have What It Takes?
  1. Why Experiments?
  • The Purpose Of Experiments
  • Strategy, Focus, Priorities
  • Testing The Right Things
  1. Why Designing Experiments?
  • The Purpose of Experiment Design
  • Designing Your Experiment
  • Learning & Iterating
  • Conclusion - Entrepreneurship As Craft
  1. Experimentation Checklist
  • Calibration
  • Experiment Design
  • Executing The Experiments
  • Learning & Iterating